Sunday, April 26, 2009

My "Flowers" were violated, is it better now?

Garden alive

Pansies are planted, smiling at me

Impatiens are waiting...

Hear them whining?

"HEY! We wanna be first!"

Bright red cockscomb flaunting its plumage

Snaps of white stand proud

Electric blue lobelia sings

The "God Bless America" song

Go-go orange begonias boogie

Showing off their brilliance

Sweet allysum, wallflower

Stands by tiny, smelling pretty

Petunias and dianthus pink

Flirting frilly petals

Vying for all eyes on them

Thinking they're the prettiest

Gazania is the stubborn one

Spiked stipes of yellow and orange

Will only put on an open show

With sun's rays exclusively on it

My "Flowers" were violated, is it better now?
Why would anyone want to violate such lovely flowers, planted in such a beautiful poem? I like the way your personify the petunias and dianthus: "thinking they're the prettiest" and the gazania: "the stubborn one."
Reply:Well, I have no botanical knowledge, but I do have some poetical knowledge, and just let me say that you have blown this out of the park. The rewrite has a little more of a dancing flow then the first, but all throughout both of them I could see the flowers smiling, the vibrant personalities matching the vibrant colors. You know how to bring a garden to life, in both senses.
Reply:Violated? Deleted?

I love walking thru a flower garden...and that's exactly what I'm doing now, with the help of this wonderful poem...the birds are on the paths too, singing. No sun, but flowers are just as beautiful without it...Good Morning!
Reply:Gazania is the stubborn one, not liking the prairie at all. I had some luck with them in pots. Gaillardia (Indian Blanket Flower) is wild in Oklahoma. I had a nice patch that were perennial in Northern Missouri.
Reply:Wow, you've worked and reworked it!!! I think it's great....stop working on it!!!! It's fine the way it is!!!! You've brought it to life and it is like a garden to my eyes, I can see each flower like it is before me in bold color and bloom!!!! Your talent astounds me!!!
Reply:Thanks for re-posting! :)
Reply:I could feel it and smell each bloom thanks....
Reply:Great concept..good language..nice rhymes...very sweet poem. Move on trying.
Reply:Reenie, I am honored by the go-go reference to orange. What strange effects I have on many! lol

To give you a look at your words in a different light I have taken the liberty of rewriting some of them. I usually try to tighten lines by keeping beats somewhat close. Sometimes one also needs transition words to help flow. Is it better than yours? No. It is just my interpretation.

Pansies are planted, smiling

Impatiens are waiting...

Hear them whining?

"HEY! We wanna be first!"

Red cockscomb flaunting plumage

Snaps of white stand proud

while electric blue lobelia

sing "God Bless America"

Go-go orangey begonias boogie

Showing off their brilliance

as sweet allysum and wallflowers

stand by, smelling pretty

Petunias and dianthus pink

Flirting frilly fluttering arms

Vying for all eyes to see

”Yes! We are the prettiest”

Gazania is the stubborn one

spiked stipes of yellow orange

will only put on an open show

when sun's rays, directly on

Keep working on the flow and beat. Flowers need food and water to blossom full, add some more to this to make it show ready. This is a keeper though

What did you call the people in the 80's who had shaved heads except for a strip of hair 'stood on end'...

... in the middle of their head, like a 'cockscomb'?...

And while at this, where did that fashion started?

(I heard it was imported from Europe, but I would appreciate more detailed information).

What did you call the people in the 80's who had shaved heads except for a strip of hair 'stood on end'...
a mowhawk was brought over by english punk bands in the early to mid 80's those were the days tight jeans chains attached to pants to your wallet and those awful dr martin boots. alot of people up north had mowhawks and used kool aqid to color them so when it rained it would run out it was so funny


Reply:rockers, i thought it came from england
Reply:I believe they were called punks, but I don't know much more than that.
Reply:we called it a Mohawk, it seems to be coming back now, have seen alot of people with it.

Advice For First Time Gardener?

This will be my first time planting a flower garden and I have several questions and things I need help with. I bought many seeds of plants I liked and planted them in one of the mini greenhouse things that you put the peat things in and plant the seeds in them.

Some of the more tiny stemmed delicate ones that grew began to get a web like thing around them and died. what caused it and how can I prevent it from happeneing? The ones most affected were the poppies, Columbine, snapdragon, and the foxglove once I took it out of the greenhouse.

I planted Foxglove,Cockscomb, sweet William, Forget-Me-Nots, Larkspur, Oriental and Iceland Poppies, Sweet Pea, Columbine, Red and Yellow Sunflower, Canterbury Bells, Snapdragon, Red Hot Poker, ect.

It has been very warm and then this week it dropped off to freezing suddenly for like a week. How can I make sure it will not freeze again so I can plant them?

Can you reccomend any other flowers, tips, ect that will be good for shade/par. sun?

Advice For First Time Gardener?
Welcome to the wild and wicked world of gardening! Since your temp dropped, along with most of the east part of the country, and they were grown in a greenhouse, assume a large death rate. Remove any dead or diseased plants immediately!

I'm going to make a few suggestions for you. #1 is to contact your local County Extension Agent for information on the last frost date and plants for your area (phone in government section). #2 is to have the Agent or local Nursery do a soil test for you to determine what you may need to have the plants you want to grow properly. #3 most flowers and seeds should not be planted before Mother's Day! #4 Use the info from the Agent and Nursery and begin with baby steps in using hardy flowers for your area. #5 Use container or flats plantings.

This time of the year is for preparing not planting. Get the soil ready and your planting arrangement in a diagram. Begin purchasing your ferts and pesticide agents. Buy the mulch you will be using (hardwood shredded). I would suggest trying the Preen fert with weed prevent for your weed control and Safer Inscticidal Soap for your insects.

With the materials on hand and the bed preperation done you are ready to go in early-mid May. Most of the expense is out of the way. Go to a Nursery, not the Box Stores, and purchase your flowers. Plant, mulch, Preen, water and you are off and running. Hope it Helps.
Reply:When i first started gardening, I first checked out some of the local garden clubs,everyone I talked with were more than happy to share advise, plants,and seeds.They all had excellent advise that was pertinent to the area.They were also very pleased to welcome a younger, (than many of them) curious, person to the knowledge they had. The freeze question is something none of us can forsee, so, I advise a light scattering of bedding straw,(Very cheap at feed and ranch stores) or a tentlike newspaper over tender seedlings at night. Some nice flowers for sun/shade...try helleborus, (lenten rose)!.There are 1000's of ideas at the numerous gardening websites.Good Luck! and, be sure of what are annuals,perennials,and biennials.
Reply:you have spiders around. you might want to dust. your plants. also check your weather if in Michigan we all know not to plant outside before memorial day. you could ask the feed and grain store around area or a good nursery. if you know any farmers they would be glad to tell ya. i don't see any hollyhocks listed or calalillies, lillies, daisies.Jasmin or morning glory. how about a butterfly bush for added touch.
Reply:Check out for your last frost date. The last frost date is ONLY a recommended date to plant in your area. You should also watch your local weather forecast and make sure it will be relatively warm in the near future. Planting too early usually means disappointment and added cost of replanting. Don't " jump the gun" and have regrets. Better late than dead! good luck!

Dog Teeth

Is barite the only mineral that has a unique petal pattern?

I bought a rock today that wasn't labeled. I think it's a cockscomb barite. Is there anything similar looking to this mineral?

Is barite the only mineral that has a unique petal pattern?
As far as I know, Barite or gypsum rose is the only one. I own one of those as well. It has a pink tint %26amp; feels rather sandy.


Best Flowers For A Garden?

I live in Western Kentucky which is zone 6, I think. I have:






3 Kinds Of Sweet Pea


Bells Of Ireland

Caterbury Bells


Sweet William

Starry Night Violas

Oreintal Poppies


Blue Bearded Iris

I want perinnials and annuals that are pretty and will go in well with the plants I listed. I had calla lily bulbs but the rotted in the soil. My house calla lily is doing great but not blooming just alot of foliage. Any idea why? I also have 1 Freesia plant, the rest of the bulbs rotted too.

Best Flowers For A Garden?
I would try Shasta daisy and Blackeyed Susan to add some height. and check into Sedum, it comes in all different colors and heights ( for a great ground cover between plants)
Reply:you might try adding mini peonies,day lilies, smaller lrises,lupine now comes in many colours too and is about the height of a few things in your garden ....hope this was some help

Why is my florist afraid to work with these flowers?

At the end of July, my wedding arrives. I'm not a 'Bridezilla" although I ve been through three planners, 2 photographers, and now possibly, at the last moment a new Floral decorator...Why?...Because, after quite a bit of research, I settled on a designer who i thought would easily meet my expectations...I decicided on varied height centerpieces, using a array of summer blooms such as dahlias, Cockscomb, Peonies, Hydrangea, viburnum, asiatic Lilies, Garden Roses, and anything else that may be available the week of my party. The colrs are a mix of all shades of pink, orange, peach, butter yellow and chartreuse...But now my 'Hero" informs me that due to poor crops around the world recently he will have a difficult time procurring these types of blooms, in these colors...(However, he CAN get the flowers I prefer in shades of Lavender, Cinammon, Chocolate,Celedon and Hot pink) Interesting, these are the exact colors (minus the pink) that both he and my Fiancee suggested. What to do?

Why is my florist afraid to work with these flowers?
Well umm you sound a little like a bridezilla it is your fiancee's wedding too he should get some say, besides it is just flowers trust me nobody is going to care what everything looks like i guarantee they will not even remember what color flowers you had, they are there simply to get fed their dollars worth of whatever gift they bought you and leave.
Reply:Perhaps you are asking the wrong question. From what you've said it seems there is a lack of the colors you want or is it the florist prefers the colors your future husband likes? For me, your question isn't clear. You imply that you are extremely particular, why would you "hero" lie to you? I suggest that you call the local floral warehouse and ask exactly what flowers might be available during your wedding week. If a warehouse is not available to you, call several local florists and ask the same question.
Reply:Call around and see if other florist tell you the same thing...if they do, then he is being truthful, if not...dump him and go with someone else....hopefully this is the only wedding you will should be perfect.
Reply:As you guessed , he's probably lying . Why? - ???? The Viburnum %26amp; Peonies area stretch at the end of July , %26amp; they %26amp; Hydrangea don't hold up well in the usual July heat .Also become more expensive out of season .(What your fiancee is worried about?) Might be what he's worried about . If you are OK with that ( should hold up for the wedding itself - more than that - ???) let him know. Dahlias, lilies, %26amp; cockscomb , are most readily available in a mix , so the rest of it sounds like bs. Good Luck
Reply:How about Mums. They could fill in the colors the other plants would be missing? Also, consider flowers that could be 'dipped' in edged dye.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Do these plants attract plants:red corn poppy,crego giant aster,nasturtium jewel,or the cockscomb plumosa???

I don't think you meant "attract plants." Did you mean "ants?" Please clarify to get an answer.

Do these plants attract plants:red corn poppy,crego giant aster,nasturtium jewel,or the cockscomb plumosa???
buterflies love reds and blues.

flowers and gifts